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Arab On-line Nyelvtanfolyamok képes leírás - Online nyelvtanulá
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Arab On-line Nyelvtanfolyamok - Online nyelvtanulá

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Angol-Arab szótár

Angol-Arab szótár

Angol-Arab online szótár. Hangos szótár.Szavak + kifejezések (darab): 87423

Arab Academy's  (angol)

Arab Academy's (angol)

Arab Academy's Online Arabic Courses . Interactive Lectures and Activities . Personal Teacher Attention . 24/7 Unlimited Access . Global Community of 1,000s . Courses for children, teen &adults . Accredited and transferable . Fast, easy and fun!

Learn Arabic Language (angol)

Learn Arabic Language (angol)

Gulf Arabic in a nutshell Gulf Arabic is hereby defined as the dialect of Arabic native to the Arab nationals of the Gulf countries, such as the United Arab Emirates (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, etc.), The State of Kuwait, The Kingdom of Bahrain, The State of Qatar, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, most of Southern Iraq and to a lesser extent The Sultanate of Oman. It is not a written but a spoken, colloquial language. Literary Arabic, also called Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) which is used in the press, on TV, radio, etc. and in governmental official proceedings, is not spoken colloquially by Gulf Arabs. In day-to-day affairs, Gulf Arabs use their mother tongue - Gulf Arabic.

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